RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy
EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques
About Helga Jensdottir
I was an air traffic controller in Iceland for 12 years, I still teach in various facilities around the world. Today I am also an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and my expertise lies in helping people transform the relationship they have with themselves, to become confident and happy.

I spent about 20 years of my life experiencing severe bouts of depression, feeling anxious, having low self esteem and feeling under-confident. I used to avoid confrontation, I would often feel criticized and I would constantly find myself starting new projects but hardly ever finishing anything. I decided to look for a way start all over again. 

I found Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and later, Rapid Transformational Therapy, RTT (The Marisa Peer Method) and I  used various methods and therapy such as the one I offer today, to completely transform my own life and free myself from depression and anxiety. 

My expertise lies in helping people identify patterns, behaviors and beliefs that have emerged in childhood and are today causing emotional and physical pain. To do this I mainly use RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) but also EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapping) and many other modalities to help women let go of their past, forgive and create new, more empowering beliefs, thoughts, behaviors and actions.

My clients have been able to let go of medical and emotional pain, fears or addictions that has in many cases been with them for a great number of years. They have been able to create healthier, happier futures for themselves and their loved ones.
"After each session I started feeling some relief and I will never forget the first moment when I realized that I didn't have any pain at all somewhere in my body."

"The results are a brand new perspective, a ton of emotional and physical relief and peace of mind."
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